3 things that make us E-waste culprits

Inadvertently and with no firm understanding on the e-waste most of us tend to be unmindful of the evils of e-waste. E-waste as a problem is growing every day and if not checked today it would face us starkly with its harmful ill effects to our health and environment. 15 million metric tonnes of e-waste is generated every year in a developing country like India. Sensing the burgeoning numbers that would be added in the future all countries including India have put various legislations to contain if not mitigate the damaging effects E-waste would cause. Containing poisonous substances e-waste disposal warrant careful handling. Since we all use electronics and electrical appliances we need to be also responsible in their handling when they aren’t useful to us anymore.

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We all are accountable and have to be responsible towards our future. Pretty laid back in our approach we run the risk of becoming E-waste culprits ourselves ruining our today and tomorrow. There are 3 ways that make us E-waste Culprits:

  1. 1. Being an E-Waste Sleeper
  2. 2. Discarding / dumping e-waste at wrong places
  3. 3. Selling e–waste to kabadiwala

We have to understand that these equipment have a life and if these are not making any utility sense then it would be our duty not to let the e-waste accumulate at our places. In their productive life these are friends but at the end they are nasty foes so care has to be shown in their disposal. In no circumstances these should be thrown as garbage in and around our areas of inhabitation or elsewhere. It is also very wrong to sell these articles to the usual kabadiwalas or scrap dealers. They lack the understanding and scientific methods to handle toxic elements inherent to these wastes.

Fortunately we have ZeroWaste a company which is all geared and constituted for the great mission to clear up all the E-wastes which lie in our closets and cabinets. It also offers money for the gadgets you give to it. The amount received would be as per the best salvage value and moreover relieves us from the piles of waste littering our closet, tables and racks responsibly.

Note: This post was originally published in January 2015 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.