No More Selfie Stick! Try This Mini Drone Phone Case

Now Your phone will get wings. Yes, selfie addicts, you have heard it right. The mini-drone phone case Selfy, built-into case of the smartphone let you take selfies from heights. Just detach a drone from the phone case, hover it at the perfect height, and click numerous photos with free hands. The phone case is controlled by the camera app to take selfies, controlling zoom, and adjusting the angle.  

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Internet Running Slow? Make Your Internet Blazing Fast

Tired of YouTube videos buffering quite often or games loading too slow? It could be the frustrations of slow internet speed that might turn really annoying.

The internet is impacting and influencing our lives in numerous ways. The technology freak generation usually prefer to be around internet all of the times. Apart from using internet only for essential day to day activities and work. They mostly use internet for playing games and watching videos. Seeking this trend, facing the slow internet can be quite terrible at times.

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Best VPN Apps for Android to Unblock the Internet

Have you ever missed flight or couldn’t able to book your cab due to non-availability of Internet. Here are the Best VPN Apps that can help you access blocked internet in emergency situations.

The blocked internet might be really frustrating thing in this current trend of Instagram and Netflix generation. The dependency on Internet is also continuously increasing since the introduction of unlimited internet.

Internet is a powerful tool that aims to change our lives but might offer negative sides as well. In terms of saving yourself from the complications of blocked Internet, these great apps might really come to your rescue.

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