8 Best iOS 12 features for iPhone & iPad

Apple is always keen to offer excitement to their consumers and push itself ahead of the competition through various quirky features that give an edge to the Apple iPhone devices. The Apple’s new update- iOS 12 brings in lots of essential features which makes it stand out of the rest. Amidst the various problems outraging in terms of issues and bugs, iOS 12 still stays at the top. It is believed to be a revolutionary update as it is quite different from its predecessor’s league.

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Music Addicted? The Best Smartphone For Music Lover in 2018

What is the first thing comes up in your mind while you plan to buy a new smartphone? Camera, Storoage, RAM?? Have you ever thought about the audio quality of phone and searched for the best smartphone for music?

Although every smartphone has a good music when you are using quality earphones but still, there are manufacture companies who are focusing on providing awesome music experience. They always give priority to high sound quality while manufacturing a new phone. The best music comes with a combination of audio chip and software. Are you a music lover? This article needs your attention.

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