How to Get More Storage on your Phone?

If you use your smartphone for everything in your life, from capturing photos till managing your professional work then surely your phone beeps up with “You are running out of storage” and this is the frustrating thing ever..

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7 Apps to Maximize Android Performance : App Booster

Obsessed with your new android phone? Spending hours on playing games, downloading favorite apps and storing a lot of useful data, but worried that with time your phone might slow down. The android performance slows down when you install too many apps or there is too much cache stored in your phone and then question arises “how can i speed up my phone’s performance?”. Similar to PCs or tablets, every phone needs a regular checkup to maintain its performance and speed. Luckily, there are free handy tools to help you declutter and keep your phone up-to-date.

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10 Common Mobile Phone Problems: Mind-blowing Solutions

Are you perfect? No, so how come your smartphone can be perfect. We all are obsessed with our phone. We carry it to parties, restaurants and even in the bathroom. If anything happens to our phone, we don’t know what to do now. A smartphone is a machine, so many times we found bugs, crashes, and other issues, especially as your phone gets older. These are the most common mobile phone problems which can easily get fixed by yourself.

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